The newly launched Instagram Threads app projected to reach one billion users by Mark Zuckerberg might face setbacks due to some limitations.

“Zuck’s goal is crystal clear. Build a new billion-user platform. Even if it means cannibalizing existing businesses already affected by app platform owners. He needed this. Musk’s goal isn’t clear and full of false starts. This will be an epic strategy case at business school.” said Victor Asemota in a Tweet.

As Instagram Threads aims to compete with Twitter, these platforms have emerged as unique players in the social media landscape, each offering distinct features and experiences. Here are four ways Twitter stands out from Threads,


The absence of a trending topics field in Instagram Threads is a significant drawback. Unlike Twitter, where users are kept informed about current trends through a dedicated section, Threads lacks this feature. Users may find it challenging to stay updated and engaged with the latest discussions and events without access to trending topics.


The direct messaging (DM) functionality sets Twitter apart from Threads. Twitter users can easily send DMs to anyone on the platform, as long as the recipient’s account permits it. While Threads users are limited unless users go through their Instagram accounts.


Threads, similar to Instagram, enforce a limitation of five characters long for usernames, While Twitter grants users the freedom to showcase their user identity without character restrictions.

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Users that have been onboarded on the Thread app, with their Instagram account details, can’t delete the app else they lose their Instagram account. However, this does not apply to users who have created a new account on the Thread app without linking it with their Instagram account.

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