According to, Africa’s travel and tourism sector employed more than 24 million people in 2019. However, COVID-19 created an unprecedented crisis for the tourism industry in Africa and around the world, crushing the supporting sectors that depend on tourism for revenue. According to the African Union, the pandemic cost the continent’s tourism industry over $55 billion in revenue. Amidst the challenges, African entrepreneurs and innovators have leveraged technology to rebuild the industry.

In this article, we highlight some African platforms reviving tourism on the continent, connecting travellers with unique experiences, and empowering local communities. From digital marketplaces to virtual tours, these platforms are not only helping to boost the tourism sector but also creating opportunities for sustainable economic growth and cultural exchange.


Kijani is a digital marketplace that connects travellers with sustainable tourism experiences in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. The platform provides travellers with access to a network of local tour operators and community-based tourism enterprises that offer immersive experiences that showcase the natural and cultural heritage of select destinations. Through Kijani, travellers can explore remote destinations and engage with local communities, supporting sustainable tourism practices and economic development.


Virtual tours have become a popular way for travellers to explore destinations during the pandemic. Tour2 leverages virtual tours to promote African tourism is  Tour2 is a virtual tour platform that offers immersive experiences in African destinations, including Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco. The platform provides virtual tours of historical landmarks, natural attractions, and cultural sites, giving travellers a taste of the diverse African experiences they can look forward to when travel restrictions are lifted.


Another platform that is making waves in the African travel industry is Wakanow. Wakanow is a travel booking platform that offers affordable flights, hotels, and holiday packages across Africa. The platform is in several African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. Wakanow’s mission is to make travel accessible to all Africans, providing an affordable and convenient way to explore the continent’s rich cultural and natural attractions.


Kudoti is a waste management platform that promotes sustainable tourism practices in Africa. The platform provides waste management services to hotels and tourism businesses, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. By reducing waste and promoting sustainability, Kudoti is helping to build a more resilient tourism industry in Africa that is better equipped to weather future crises.


Kudobuzz is a digital marketing platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism industry market their products and services online. The platform enables businesses to collect and display customer reviews, photos, and social media content on their websites and social media pages. This helps to increase customer trust and drive more bookings.

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