Nestcoin has announced the launch of Onboard, a digital finance platform aiming to provide modern, world-class digital finance services that connect Africans to the global economy.

African citizens, whether living on the continent or with interests in it, have long been excluded from financial instruments and opportunities to build wealth due to geography and a lack of trust in the continent. Despite their innovative spirit and efforts to create change, build wealth, and leave a positive impact, they face a plethora of challenges, including poor access to financial services, the inability to participate in the global economy, poor fiscal policies, currency devaluation, and unequal access to opportunities.

Nestcoin recognizes that traditional finance cannot provide solutions for organizations of the future and truly global citizens. Therefore, over the past few months, they have focused their efforts on building a first-of-its-kind financial solution to power Africa’s economic transformation – Onboard.

Onboard is a digital financial platform owned by its members and prioritizes community. It provides modern, world-class digital finance services that connect Africans to the global economy. Onboard believes that for something truly revolutionary to be built, it must be built not only by its creators but also by its users. The platform launched with minimal features, allowing its community to participate in building the products they want and believe will help them achieve their desired future.

“We believe that self-actualization should be possible and that you should be free to choose your own future,” said Yele Bademosi, Co-Founder and CEO of Nestcoin. “We want our members to be involved in creating the product they want, so they can create the future they envision. We consider what we have built to be the foundation and invite our users to join our community to build the ideal financial product. Essentially, we are giving you the power to ‘Be Your Own Bank.’”

Onboard Wallet has just launched and it’s a simple and secure self-custody wallet for managing digital assets with no middlemen. The Onboard Wallet offers a seamless user experience, a seedless wallet, and an easy way to transfer funds directly to a bank account without going through an exchange. The Onboard Wallet is just the beginning of what Onboard has to offer. There are plans to continually improve and enhance its services to meet the needs of its community.

According to Bademosi, “In the past decade, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have gained more market share due to their ease of use, better user experience, and ability to offer security and comfort to users. The complexity and user experience gap in decentralized finance has played a significant role in driving people towards centralized exchanges (CEXs). The past few months in the industry have strengthened our resolve to build a decentralized crypto future. We aim to provide users with simple and delightful financial options that eliminate the need for “trust” between parties.”

Onboard is more than just a digital finance platform; it’s a community designed by Africans for Africans. By becoming a member of the Onboard Community, users gain access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of financial growth and self-actualization. Onboard is empowering Africans to take control of their financial future and build wealth. Join the Onboard revolution and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of finance, visit

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Nestcoin is an organisation that’s creating equal access to economic opportunities by building delightful financial products that let users have complete control over their finances and transact without the need for a third party. They are on a mission to make modern finance borderless, trustless and delightful.

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