The update has become necessary due to the increasing case of safety report received in the past months

Bolt, Africa’s on-demand mobility platform, is bolstering safety by introducing an audio trip recording feature.

This addition allows drivers and riders to record their trips and report safety concerns to Bolt’s Customer Support.

Yahaya Mohammed, Country Manager at Bolt said: “At Bolt, safety is our top priority and the audio trip recording feature is the newest addition to our in-app safety toolkit for drivers and riders to use if they’re ever feeling uncomfortable during a ride.”

“It’s part of our ongoing investment in safety through new products, features, and our dedicated in-house specially trained safety team, to ensure that we can continue to improve the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, offering drivers and riders a high-quality ride-hailing experience,” Mohammed said.

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The audio trip recording function is available only during a Bolt ride, offering a convenient option for users who may feel uneasy. By starting the recording within the Bolt app, both drivers and riders can document any incidents or conversations that happen during the trip, ensuring a complete record.

Once the audio recording is complete, it can be easily shared as an attachment when raising a safety case with Bolt’s Customer Support. This streamlined procedure enables Bolt to quickly access the recorded audio and effectively handle any safety concerns, showcasing their dedication to prioritizing user safety and well-being.

Initially, the launch and testing of this feature will be limited to specific cities in South Africa and Nigeria. To access the audio trip recording feature, users will need to have the most recent version of the Bolt app installed on their smartphones. This controlled release allows Bolt to gather valuable user feedback and fine-tune the feature before expanding it to additional locations.

The introduction of audio trip recording adds to Bolt’s extensive suite of existing safety features for both riders and drivers. By continually investing in safety upgrades, Bolt aims to provide a secure and reliable transportation experience for all its users.

Bolt has continuously implemented fresh safety measures to safeguard both riders and drivers. For riders, these encompass driver identity verification during registration, ongoing checks, real-time trip sharing for location updates, and an SOS emergency assist button. For drivers, safety features include rider rating, phone number masking, and stationary vehicle monitoring for their well-being.

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