Microsoft in partnership with Data Scientists Network (DSN) and the federal government of Nigeria has trained young professionals on the usage of the new Responsible AI Dashboard for decision-making.

This initiative, according to the organisers seeks to ensure that AI technologies are developed and implemented ethically, fostering a fair and equitable digital future by leveraging the power of responsible AI

The workshop organised at the Microsoft Nigeria office on Friday, 16, June 2023, brought together data science professionals, startups and academic researchers that explored the possibilities that the new Microsoft Responsible AI Dashboard brings as a comprehensive platform designed to assess, review, and address biases in AI models and systems.

This pioneering tool is designed to assist users in developing inclusive, less harmful, and less biased AI models.

Winnie Karanu, sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Philanthropies Lead at Microsoft, speaking on the training stated the company’s commitment to supporting Nigeria’s digital skills development.

“Microsoft is proud to support Nigeria’s Digital Skills development in
partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria. We are aiming to provide access to digital skills training, from digital literacy to advanced training, for young people in the country. This will include the provision of free Microsoft certification and job readiness support, including capacity building on the responsible implementation of AI, an area Microsoft is deeply focused on,” Karanu said.

During the panel discussion which aimed at demystifying the concept of Responsible AI across different sectors, according to Microsoft, panellists from various industries shared practical examples of responsible AI implementation in their industries, illustrating the importance of incorporating ethical considerations into AI development for a positive impact on society.

According to Microsoft, the session empowers attendees to embrace these principles and communicate them clearly in their respective fields, exploring their functionalities and learning how to identify and rectify biases in AI models.

Bayo Adekanmbi, CEO and Lead Consultant at DSN said, “Microsoft is raising the standard through a large-scale capacity building that also includes intentional capacity building in Responsible Artificial Intelligence, which aims to prepare Nigerian youths to leverage their AI skills to build more trustworthy and less harmful AI models that can support inclusive and equitable nation-building across important sectors like Health, Finance, Agriculture, Education.”

Meanwhile, the organisers stated that Microsoft’s Responsible AI Dashboard has a user-friendly interface and robust features, which facilitates the development of AI models that prioritise inclusivity and fairness.

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