ErrandPay, a Nigerian-based Fintech Company, has introduced a cost-effective Point-of-sale (POS) solution to empower Microfinance banks (MFBs) and Fintech founders

According to the company, the solution aims to break the chains of innovation constraints, sluggish market entry, and stakeholder management that have long prevented MFBs from embracing digitalisation and reaching their full potential.

Ajibola Awojobi, founder and CEO, ErrandPay said, “ErrandPay owes its triumphant success to unbeatable alliances with Nigeria’s banking giants. These strategic collaborations empower ErrandPay to tap into the expertise and infrastructure of established financial institutions, guaranteeing the unwavering stability and unfaltering reliability of their groundbreaking POS solutions.

“By joining forces with these industry powerhouses, ErrandPay delivers cutting-edge technology, impenetrable security, and seamless integration to MFBs and other fintechs, all without the burden of substantial upfront investments or convoluted technical complexities,” he said.

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Paul Dureke, CTO, ErrandPay states that the firm’s partnerships with Nigerian banks and licensed payment processing companies offer unparalleled support and resources to microfinance banks.

“In response to the challenges that MFBs face, ErrandPay’s core mission is to remove barriers and provide innovative solutions that allow MFBs and fintech founders to easily deliver digital payment services,” Dureke said.

Meanwhile, the company stated that its commitment to innovation extends beyond low-cost POS solutions. The firm is constantly pushing to develop cutting-edge technologies that enable MFBs and the like to provide digital solutions which ensures they provide their customers with seamless features, enhanced security, and good payment experience.

ErrandPay’s affordable POS solutions enabled through partnerships and commitment to innovation, according to the firm, signify a fundamental change in the operations and customer service of microfinance banks.

“By democratising digital payments, ErrandPay dismantles barriers, empowering MFBs and fintech founders to expand their horizons, penetrate underserved communities, and chart a remarkable path toward financial inclusion in Nigeria,” ErrandPay stated.

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