Seamfix, a software provider said it has impacted the empowerment of the 100 million national ID enrollment vision through it’s licenced partnership with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

NIMC in 2020 set-out to register 100 million people in three years and embarked on a massive registration drive to enroll 2.5 million people monthly for the next three years.

The software company in a statement said,”Without sounding immodest, NIMC has made great strides on so many fronts in the last three years. From just over 1,000 enrollment centres and 2,000 enrolment devices across the country, NIMC, in partnership with its licensed enrolment partners, now has over 15,000 enrolment centres and over 29,000 enrollment devices deployed nationwide. This is one of the reasons enrolments have increased tremendously, with over 89 million NINs generated successfully.”

Seamfix said it partnered with NIMC as a software vendor and have delivered the Android Enrollment solution that enables access and penetration of NIN enrollment to people living in both urban and rural areas. By building the robust and complex enrollment software on mobile devices, Seamfix enabled efficient and high-quality biometric data capture offline and online. Their expertise and innovative approach facilitated seamless integration with the NIDB, ensuring that every Nigerian citizen could participate in the National Identity programme.

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As a licensed enrollment partner, Seamfix explained that it deployed a dedicated pool of agents who worked tirelessly to ensure that Nigerians from every corner of the country had the opportunity to register and be part of the National Identity programme and has earned a place among the top ten National Identity database enrollment contributors.

Chimezie Emewulu, group chairman of Seamfix Limited said It is the right of every Nigerian to access public and private services that promote their wellbeing, whether financially, socially, or otherwise.

“Our partnership with NIMC ensured this became a reality for as many people as possible. But we’re not done yet; the mission is for all 200 million people to access this unique identity, enabling a better standard of living for the entire nation.”

Meanwhile, the software provider said it’s partnership with NIMC extended beyond Nigeria’s borders as they also have international recognition. “Recognising the importance of inclusion, they established enrollment centres in different European cities, allowing Nigerians living abroad to participate in the National Identity programme. This bridged the geographical gap, ensuring that Nigerians worldwide could access and benefit from the national identification system.”

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