Legend, a digital service company with a focus on Fintech, broadband, and mobile services has introduced an App, designed to provide seamless access to users and interactive customer service.

The app called My Legend App, according to the tech company, was developed after studying the major needs and challenges of users, to arrive at the app as a means of solution.

Legend stated that it studied and tried various solutions but only got a deeper appreciation for underlying issues ranging from wide and general factors like social & economic to granular issues like the power switch in a customer’s home being turned off.

‘‘Regardless of the challenges, we had one goal in mind which is to deliver stellar customer service consistent with our intentions and deserving of our customers. After a critical study and analysis of our environment, Legend formally launched a solution, My Legend App, which has been developed as a result of extensive research into customer service and designed to provide top-notch access to the Legend Ecosystem,” the company stated.

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The firm said it worked hard to ensure that the app is fast and reliable, even during peak usage periods. The services eliminate the need to go through third parties or long processes to reach support functions that will respond to the consumers’ interactivity.

“The product enables consumers to track their tickets and inquiries so they never have to worry about insufficient information on your Legend services. It further said that the App is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

‘‘Following the upsurge experienced by telecommunication service providers and customers, we have moved towards an audacious task of delivering the customer service expectations that emerged post-COVID-19 pandemic. While the magnitude of this responsibility can easily be mistaken for regular customer service the pre-COVID-19, expectations are coming out differently from the regular which has made it possible for Legend to transform its services.”

Meanwhile, the digital service company said its broadband services, Legend Fiber and WiFi, are the largest fibre-to-the-home and public WiFi networks in Abuja and Minna.

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