Comfort is key, especially when it comes to purchasing items online. You are already spending your hard-earned money, and the last thing that should bother you is looking for a stress-free method of buying gift cards online. Sadly, the reverse is the case. Most people still find it difficult to pick out a platform where they can buy their gift cards easily, and this is because of the reoccurring downsides to purchasing gift cards online in Nigeria.

Cons of online gift card shopping in Nigeria?

The common cons of buying gift cards online in Nigeria are; Scam websites, late delivery, and overpriced gift cards. 

  1. Scam websites: It is common knowledge that the internet can serve as both a helpful and dangerous tool. There are loads of phoney vendors parading themselves online as legitimate gift card exchange platforms. One of the downsides to purchasing gift cards online is being at risk of encountering a scam website or individual.
  2. Late delivery: There is nothing I despise more than long wait times for deliveries. The same goes for when I purchase my gift cards online. A lot of platforms cannot guarantee fast deliveries on gift cards.
  3. Overpriced gift cards: This is probably one of the biggest downsides to purchasing gift cards in Nigeria. Although fluctuating exchange rates play a big part in this, platforms have decided to capitalize on the situation and charge exorbitant rates for their gift cards. Especially international gift cards.

What is the easiest way to buy gift cards online in Nigeria?

The easiest way to buy gift cards online in Nigeria is by using Cardtonic. Cardtonic is the leading gift card exchange platform in Nigeria that is secure, sells affordable gift cards, and also guarantees quick deliveries on all gift card purchases. Both local and international. 

Another good thing about the Cardtonic application is the fact that it is easy to navigate, which makes the application suitable for both first-time and veteran traders. Cardtonic is the best app to buy gift cards online

Gift card brands you can buy on Cardtonic 

Some of the major gift card brands you can purchase on Cardtonic include:

  1. Adam n Eve gift cards
  2. ShopRite gift cards  
  3. Filmhouse gift cards
  4. Spar gift cards 
  5. Prince Ebeano gift cards 
  6. Bnatural gift cards
  7. Casper & Gambinis gift cards
  8. David Wej gift cards
  9. Game gift cards
  10. Grocery Bazaar gift cards
  11. Hairitage Hub gift cards
  12. Health Plus gift cards
  13. Hingees gift cards
  14. Hubmart gift cards
  15. Jumia gift cards
  16. Keje gift cards
  17. KL’s Naturals gift cards
  18. Oriki gift cards
  19. Oneandko gift cards
  20. Ruff n Tumble gift cards
  21. Samsung gift cards
  22. Sure gifts gift cards
  23. Xbox gift cards 
  24. Walmart gift cards 
  25. eBay gift cards 
  26. Target gift cards 
  27. Apple gift cards 
  28. Google Play gift cards 
  29. Sephora gift cards 
  30. Razer gold gift cards 
  31. Steam Wallet gift cards 
  32. Foot locker gift cards.

A step-by-step guide to getting gift cards on Cardtonic

Before you can buy gift cards on Cardtonic, you would need to become a registered user. Luckily, this takes about 5 – 10 minutes to complete. First, you can download the Cardtonic application either on the Google play store or the IOS Store. Alternatively, you can also access the Cardtonic platform via the web. Then you can proceed to registration. 

All you need to fill in are relevant details to trading on the platform such as your full name, email address, bank account number, etc. You would then receive a verification link in your email, and once you click on this you can proceed to buy gift cards. 

  1. Open Your Cardtonic Application or the Cardtonic website.
  2. Once you get into the app, click on the “Buy Gift Cards” icon. 
  3. Tap the “Search countries” icon and type in the country of your desired gift card, or simply scroll down.
  4. Once you select the country, now you can pick your desired Gift Card. 
  5. Click on Card Unit (Amount desired) & Quantity (Number of gift cards).
  6. Then you can finally proceed to payment.


We as humans should strive to reduce stressors in our lives. It is important to opt for solutions that can make our day-to-day activities easier.  The use of gift cards to purchase items certainly does that. The only irony in this is the fact that the process of purchasing gift cards online in Nigeria has several downsides. Such as; buying gift cards on fake websites, buying them at exorbitant prices, and also late deliveries. The only way to scale through these issues is by using Cardtonic. This is the best way to buy gift cards online in Nigeria. 

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