Today’s volatile financial market is fraught with lots of interest rate risks and failure to stay ahead of this risk could leave banks exposed to potential losses stemming from changes in interest rates and the unpredictable economy, which could adversely affect their earnings or capital.

A classic example is the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) which sent shockwaves through the financial and tech ecosystems. One of the significant reasons for this was that SVB had invested a considerable proportion of its capital in US government bonds, which were perceived as one of the safest investment options. However, the bank had failed to manage its interest-rate risk by hedging its exposure. Consequently, when interest rates rose, the bank suffered significant losses on its portfolio of available-for-sale (AFS) bonds. This led to concerns about the institution’s stability when it was forced to sell its bonds at a significant loss due to a lack of cash. In response, depositors withdrew funds rapidly, causing a bank run and ultimately leading to the bank’s collapse.

The failure of SVB was attributed to inadequate monitoring and management of interest rate risks. The bank had invested in long-term bonds using short-term deposits without adequately hedging its position, which resulted in a mismatch between its assets and liabilities. When interest rates increased, the value of the bonds in the bank’s portfolio decreased, causing its equity to erode. This resulted in liquidity issues, a bank run, and ultimately the bank’s collapse.

To mitigate the ever-present threat of interest rate risk faced by financial institutions, EGORA Treasury Management software from Union Systems Limited, a leading financial software company, has been launched. EGORA Treasury Management software is a cutting-edge technology designed to help banks stay ahead of the curve by tracking their interest rate exposure, analyzing data from multiple sources, and providing real-time insights on potential risks.

The software solution provides banks with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools, empowering them to effectively manage their investment portfolios and optimize their interest rate risk. One of the most notable features of the software is its deal module, which can automatically execute interest rate swaps or options. This feature allows banks to lock in interest rates or reduce downside risks and stay ahead of potential market fluctuations.

With Egora, banks can also access customizable reports that provide insights into their interest rate risk indicators, including exposure, cash flows, and the effectiveness of their hedging strategies. Additionally, Egora enables centralized cash management, which helps banks maximize their cash flows while minimizing the impact of interest rate changes.

In conclusion, investing in modern technology like Egora is essential for financial institutions to protect their financial health and ensure their long-term success. By leveraging technology to automate tracking, analysis, and execution of interest rate swaps or options and cash management, banks can stay ahead of the curve in a volatile market. Egora offers a comprehensive solution to managing market risk, empowering banks to stay proactive in managing their interest rate risk and avoiding catastrophic failures.

This article is brought to you by Union Systems Limited: Africa’s leading financial software company. For more information or a demo of how the EGORA Treasury Management Software works, Click here.

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